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Current Leadership

President: Boone Begert

Vice President: Tucker Parkinson

Secretary/Treasurer: Blake Morrow

Public Relations: Allyson Runnels

Ex -Officio: Landry Kleman


Logan Chachere

Turner Sanders

Junior Advisor: Amber Parkinson

About the TJLA

The TJLA is the an association that is strictly dedicated to the Junior members who are involved within the Limousin breed. There are multiple events and opportunities for our TJLA members, from our Field Day Show, to our Lone Star Shoot Out, to winning scholarships. The TJLA is truly an organization were youth can prosper, learn and build lifelong friendships. Get a hold of us today to talk about getting your child involved in the TJLA!

Heifer of the year

Heifer of the year rules: 

Heifer of the year points will start with the Fort Worth Junior Heifer Show and conclude with the State Fair of Texas Jr. Heifer Show each year. Shows that will be counted for the Heifer of the Year are: Fort Worth, San Angelo, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Field Day, Jr. Nationals, and the State Fair of Texas.  If there is not a Limousin division at any of the above mentioned shows, points will not be counted. Bred & Owned divisions do not count. If there is a tie, points from the TJLA Field Day show will be used as tie breaker. If there is still a tie, points from Jr. Nationals will be used for tie breaker. Points will only be accounted for 5 shows per exhibitor. If an exhibitor has participated in more than 5 shows, the lowest point totals will be dropped. 


Showmanship rules: 

The TJLA Showmanship Contest Series will be held each year and include Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston. Points will be given to the top 5 of each age group for each show, with 1st place receiving 50 points, 2nd, 40; 3rd, 30; 4th, 20; 5th, 10; and one participation point given for each show. The tiebreaker show will be Fort Worth. 

The age break downs include Junior, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade; Intermediate, 6h, 7th and 8th grade; and Senior, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade. 

Amber Parkinson: 806.773.6043

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