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2021 Updates

The 2021 Lone Star Shoot-Out Show will be held at the San Angelo Livestock Show on February 12, 30 minutes after the conclusion of the junior heifer show. Updates include: 

  • Exhibitors will be allowed to show any eligible nominated heifer, and may show more than 1 if they are eligible. As San Angelo allows exhibitors to show multiple animals, the Shoot-Out will follow the same guidelines.

  • The San Angelo Junior Heifer show will be included in the showmanship contest for 2021.

What is the Lone Star Shoot Out?

The Texas Limousin Association’s Lone-Star Shoot Out is held in Fort Worth every year during the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. The Lone Star Shoot Out is exclusively made for Limousin breeders and exhibitors. Each year, Limousin breeders across the U.S. will nominate either their whole herd or select heifers to be eligible to show in the Lone Star Shoot Out. When heifers are nominated they will be marketed by both the breeder and the TLA as “Lone Star Shoot Out Eligible” to potential exhibitors across the state. If an exhibitor purchases a “Lone Star Shoot Out” Heifer and wishes to compete in the Lone Star Shoot Out, the breeder will then pay an entry fee for each heifer. All nomination fees and entry fees will then go into a pot to be dispersed among the exhibitors who participate in the Lone Star Shoot Out. Every exhibitor will walk away with a check!

Why Choose to be apart of

the Lone Star Shoot Out?

The Lone Star Shoot Out is not only a great way for breeders to support our youth involved in the Limousin Breed, but also a great way for them to market their cattle. Breeders who nominate their cattle for the Lone Star Shoot Out get special recognition through the TLA. The TLA will work hard to promote Lone Star Shoot Out Cattle through all their outlets, including the TLA News Magazine, Social Media and email blasts. As for exhibitors, the Lone Star Shoot Out is a great way to be rewarding for showing high quality females and becoming involved in one of the best breed
associations in the state.

Lone Star Shoot Out Steps

For Breeders: 

Step 1: Nominated your heifer(s) and pay nomination fees. See the rules for different nomination methods. 

Step 2: Make sure your TLA dues are paid. If not they will need to be. 


Step 3: Send in any pictures/ads/heifer information about heifer(s) that you are nominating, so the TLA can get it out to TJLA members and parents. 

Stept 4: The exhibitor who purchased the heifer(s) wants to participate in the Lone Star Shoot Out. Fill out the 'Breeder-Shoot Out Entry Form and mail it in with the breeder entry fee.  

For Exhibitors: 

Step 1: Purchase a Lone Star Shoot Out Eligible Heifer. If you are unsure if the heifer is eligible for the Shoot Out, you can always contact the TLA. 

Step 2: You have decided that you want to participate in the Lone Star Shoot Out, so notify your breeder that you will be bringing the heifer to the Shoot Out to show, so they can get your entry paid before the Dec. 1 deadline. 

Step 3: Make sure your TJLA dues are paid. If not they will need to be. 

Step 4: Fill out the 'Exhibitor Shoot Out Entry Form' and mail it in with the exhibitor entry fee. 

2020 Winners:

2020 Grand Champion 

Lone Star Shoot Out Heifer

WFL FLO 810 F 

Shown By: 

Cayden Alexander 

Nominated by: 

Wilder Family Limousin 

2020 Res.Grand Champion 

Lone Star Shoot Out Heifer

SSTO 9809 G ET

Shown By: 

Blake Morrow  

Nominated by: 

Stowers Limousin 

The 2020 

Lone Star Shoot Out 


Each exhibitor in the Lone Star Shoot Out walks away with a check. 

Congratulations to this years exhibitors! 

Call to learn more! 


P.O. Box 9621

College Station, Texas 77842



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