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2022 Showmanship Series Update

Below are the placings for the showmanship series in Fort Worth and San Antonio. Houston results will NOT be posted, but the top three from each category will be awarded at the Field Day.

To find the rules for the showmanship series, visit

Fort Worth Results


1st - Aaron Towns

2nd - Cold Parkinson

3rd - Paislee King

4th - Cooper Webster


1st - Jacee Parrish

2nd - Tucker Parkinson

3rd - Bradley White

4th - McKenna Muston

5th - Breck Boyce


1st - Jack Sullivan

2nd - Cole Keeton

3rd - Ryan Smee

4th - Wesley Wages

5th - Logan Chachere

San Antonio Results


1st - Colt Parkinson

2nd - Aaron Towns

3rd - Cooper Webster


1st - Breck Boyce

2nd - Tucker Parkinson

3rd - Blake Morrow

4th - Jacee Parish

5th - Bentley London


1st - Jack Sullivan

2nd - Landry Kleman

3rd - Ryan Smee

4th - Logan Chachere

5th - Cole Keeton

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